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Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help refining your business plan, getting your team to work together, delivering the right products, measuring your results? We can help!

Let us show you how to identify a mission for your team, work smarter and more efficiently using agile practices and visualize team and product metrics.



Heather Ditillo, CEO

Heather is an accomplished executive, leader, consultant, speaker and trainer with nearly 30 years of diversified and global experiences. She is passionate about impact and doing good in the world. She thrives at and has a special skill at seeing potential in people, teams, organizations, projects, products, technologies, curriculum-you name it; and then working to create an environment where the true gifts and talents of that person or thing can be revealed and achieved. 


Heather has worn many hats in her career - director, manager, leader, trainer, consultant, mentor, supervisor, keynote speaker, social worker, teacher/adjunct faculty, curriculum developer, unofficial chief information officer, communications manager, project manager. She has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges all while building cohesive teams that are confident and are inspired to work together to achieve results and goals. 

Jeff Ditillo, CTO

Jeff is a passionate Agilist, Product Owner, and Lean Startup enthusiast with deep experience in the software industry. He is committed to helping Agile development teams work collaboratively and effectively while delivering best in class products that we are all proud of. He has been a GoCode mentor for the last 6 years with at least 1 winning team each year, and was the host of mentor weekend in Boulder for 2 years. 


In his 30+ years of professional experience, Jeff has served a number of roles in the software industry from Software Engineer to Software Engineering Manager to Scrum Master to Product Owner. In all these roles Jeff has successfully leveraged people, process and technology to solve challenging problems in a positive and impactful way. 


Jeff was educated at Virginia Tech (BS Mathematics) and Carnegie Mellon University (MS Software Engineering). He currently works as a Technical Product Owner for CGI on a service oriented architecture development team. And he also works part-time on various projects with his wife, Heather Ditillo, as part of Ditillo Consulting.


Jeff’s ultimate goal with any team he works with is to inspire and provide the tools needed for them to deliver the right products that their customers need with the highest quality and efficiency in a collaborative and creative way that brings out the best in everyone on the team.


How I Can Help You

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